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We have volumes forthcoming on  Ideology, Global Crisis, Adam Smith at 250, and more! 


Since 2012, Social Philosophy & Policy has been jointly produced by the University of Arizona and the Social Philosophy and Policy Center. The first issue to come out of this collaboration was published in 2013. Carmen Pavel (Kings' College London),  Bas Van der Vossen (Chapman University), Jason Brennan (Georgetown) and Jacob Levy (McGill) are the associate editors. David Schmidtz is editor-in-chief.  

Social Philosophy & Policy is an interdisciplinary journal with an emphasis on the philosophical underpinnings of enduring social policy debates. Each issue covers a specified topic from the perspectives of philosophy, economics, political science and law. While not primarily a journal of policy prescriptions, some articles in each issue will typically connect theory with practice.

Unsolicited manuscripts will not be considered.  The journal is by invitation only.

The journal is published by Cambridge University Press twice per year. Each issue is preceded by a conference at which invited authors trouble-shoot each other's drafts.

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